No empathy for people nor for God – New article!

Our new article accepted in Personality and Individual Differences! 

Łowicki, P., Zajenkowski, M. (in press). No empathy for people nor for God: The relationship between the Dark Triad, religiosity and empathy. Personality and Individual Differences, 

In our new study we have investigated the relationship between antisocial personality traits – the Dark Triad – and religious beliefs. We found that people scoring high on psychopathy and Machiavellianism tend to be less religious than others. Interestingly, we discovered that this may be, to some extent, due to their deficits in empathy.

Empathy (or mentalizing ability) is argued to be a vital skill not only for proper social functioning, but also for engaging in religious belief as we usually think of deities as intentional agents with their own mental states. Moreover, we observed that when narcissistic individuals become religious, they tend to treat religion as means for achieving some personal benefits. For further information as well as more findings, we invite you to reading the article.

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