What’s the difference between Intellect and Openness?

Intellect and openness differentially predict affect: Perceived and objective cognitive ability contexts

The characteristics of Openness and Intellect suggest they may be differentially correlated with affect. In Study 1 (n = 224) we examined associations between Openness/Intellect and well-being. Additionally, we included variables related to ability perception: subjectively assessed intelligence and satisfaction with intelligence. In Study 2 (n = 216) we explored how Intellect/Openness predict subjective stress states related to performance of intelligence tests. Across studies, Intellect was consistently correlated with more positive affective states (mood and satisfaction), and lower stress. Openness – affect associations were inconsistent across studies, although Openness correlated with higher task-related worry and lower positive emotionality. Furthermore, in Study 1, satisfaction with one’s intelligence fully mediated associations between Intellect and measures of positive affect. In Study 2, worry mediated the association between Intellect and intelligence test performance.

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